Artist Kay Lovett

In my work I want to show maturity, technical ability in mixed media, and heightened awareness, while keeping faith with my usual quirky humour and grace. A celebration that we are ephemeral, paper, not plastic.

Life is a roller coaster of emotions and experiences we never dreamed of. What's in the bag (in us) changes moment to moment based on interactions and whether we engage with fear, or choose life, mindfulness, and gratitude. Don't let the dog out (or the cat out of the bag) addresses the innate knowing. Before the words are spoken there exists the imagining and that imagining affects the outcome. I hope that my work engages, and at the very least, makes you smile.

Award of Excellence at the 2016 Sooke Fine Arts Show

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artist Kay Lovett

2017 Calendar
Hero Ark

Award of Excellence
at the 2016 Sooke Fine Arts Show
Sooke Fine Arts Show

Hero Ark
5' x 6' x 4' - Wood, Glass, Bamboo, papermaché, wire, LED lights.

This work is a design by Kay Lovett, and created as a collaboration with Shannon Proctor-McLeod and Bob McLeod.